Twin220 Series Parallel Fermenter

A stable and easy to use laboratory duplex fermenter

Twin220 laboratory duplex fermenter is a series of products provided by HOLVES for parallel fermentation of laboratory users. This product is composed of two fermenter controlled by one host. The glass vessel contains 3L, 5L, 7L and 13L, and supports free selection and combination. Users can choose to use dual control or single vessel, which is very flexible for users and scenarios with different needs.

Twin220 fermenter adopts imported glass rotameter, high-precision and easy-to-use flip peristaltic pump and bus control communication mode, which greatly improves the accuracy and stability of the equipment. It is a flexible and easy-to-use laboratory duplex fermenter.




Food Chemical

Cell Culture


Fine Chemical Engineering




Main Product Highlights

Laboratory duplex fermenter



Strong Stability

RS-485 bus control communication mode is adopted to improve the system operation stability; Low pressure setting of the whole machine to achieve high-precision free control.

Upgraded High Configuration

Selected components, excellent quality, with ultra-high cost performance.

Comprehensive Functions

Exclusive patented technical functions, combined with the parallel control system, fully simplify your experimental operation process.

Product Details

Product Brochure

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