Cla210 Series Fermenter

Best suited for presenting multiple systems

Cla210 series fermenter is a classic series of standard fermenter system developed by HOLVES for laboratory users. The whole series of Cla210 uses the latest design language and modular design concept, which is suitable for laboratory multi-condition design requirements.

The modular design concept makes the Cla210 series the best presentation for multiple fermenters. The system can be used separately or in a unified way, which is very adaptable to users and scenarios with different needs.

Cla210 fermenter




Food Chemical

Cell Culture


fine Chemical Engineering




Main Product Highlights

Laboratory Classics Fermenter

Cla210 lab fermenter


Small And Exquisite

Vessel control host integrated structure, the whole occupy a small space, convenient line installation, easy and fast into the laboratory use.

Strong Stability

The whole series adopts imported glass rotor flowmeter, imported peristaltic pump and bus control communication method, which greatly improves the accuracy and stability of the equipment.

Multi-parallel System

Using the advanced bus BUS wiring system, coupled with its compact size, it is very easy to realize the control strategy of the multi-parallel vessel, and it is easy to adapt to the multi-purpose scenarios.


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