TFF System

Suitable for laboratory medium/small scale

Small tangential flow ultrafiltration system is a SET of TFF device specially developed by HOLVES for laboratory users. It is mainly suitable for TFF research on small scale or pilot scale in laboratory.

The system adopts imported original box-type flat cassettes, which can realize microfiltration and ultrafiltration to meet the diversified needs of laboratories.





Molecular Separation


Cell Suspension Collection

Fermentation Broth Clarification



Main Product Highlights

Small TFF System



Hygienic Design

Small size, simple structure, easy dismounting.


The imported original box-type flat cassettes can realize microfiltration and ultrafiltration to meet the diverse needs of laboratories.

Fully Automatic Control System

The experimental data is monitored, collected and exported in real time, and the equipment can be detected and controlled by multiple users at the same time.

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TFF System?




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