Eu210 Series Fermenter & Bioreactor

Advanced fermenter with deep scalability

Eu210 series advanced fermenter is a flagship fermenter system developed by HOLVES for professional laboratory users. The whole series of Eu210 uses SIMATIC -1200 high-end processor, imported Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump and main components, the whole series of standard imported thermal mass flow meter MFC, automatic ventilation, Master control and communication adopt bus mode.

Eu210 has powerful computing power, stable operation ability, high scalability, and can be connected to external weighing balance, exhaust gas analysis, ORP, biomass analysis, etc. It is a product that is deeply used in research and development of laboratory fermentation user.

Eu210 fermenter




Food Chemical

Cell Culture


Fine Chemical Engineering




Main Product Highlights

Easy to Use
Laboratory advanced fermenter

Eu210 bioreactors


Strong Expansibility

With high scalability, can connect external weighing balance, exhaust gas analysis, ORP, biomass analysis, etc.

High-end Configuration

The whole system adopts high-end accessories imported from home and abroad.

High Professional

With strong computing ability, stable computing ability, strong professional, suitable for laboratory in-depth research.


Product Details

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