Lab fermenter control system to make your experiments easier!

Are you still worried about the unstable and complicated operation of the fermenter control system? Are you worried about the possible influence of experimental data without manual inspection? Then HOLVES fermentation control software will bring you a new laboratory management experience!
 Laboratory parallel fermenter Twin220
Support local control: control the whole experiment at any time
The HF-Control system of "Superior" laboratory fermenter series supports local control. Through the intuitive interface and easy operation, it can be controlled by HMI without the need of internet connection, so that users can easily control the whole process of experimental fermentation. At the same time, we also added the Internet of Things technology to realize the remote control function, whether in the field or remote office, you can monitor and control the operating status of the fermenter at any time, and adjust the experimental parameters in time to ensure that the experiment is carried out smoothly.
Smart-SC® intelligent smooth control:Intelligent operation to enhance experimental efficiency
The laboratory fermenter system is equipped with Smart-SC®, which realizes efficient control of the fermenter through intelligent algorithms and real-time data analysis. The system has been upgraded from the original fifteen segments to an unlimited time segment control, which can be programmed to automatically adjust a number of key parameters, such as temperature, pressure and stirring speed, at fixed time segments to ensure precise control of the fermentation process. No manual intervention is required, effectively reducing the possibility of operational errors.
Feed-Sup® feed supplement system:Precise control to ensure the quality of training
Our laboratory fermenters are also equipped with an intelligent replenishment system. By monitoring and analyzing the culture solution in the fermenter in real time, the system can accurately determine the depletion of nutrients in the culture solution and automatically replenish it as needed.
In the second generation of replenishment system, the new equation replenishment and exponential replenishment methods, more in line with the growth curve of the replenishment, to reduce substrate inhibition, high-density culture is also better to carry out. Increase the number of bacteria, let the bacteria grow better, the whole process to ensure the smooth progress of fermentation.
Meta-Tri® audit trail:Multiple guarantees to protect the experiment
HOLVES' fermenter systems are equipped with an audit trail feature that offers a high level of data security without the need for additional equipment. This feature records all operational information and provides a close data traceability, which is a guarantee for the security and privacy of the experimental operations.
Diverse applications to meet customer needs
In order to better meet the needs of different experiments, the "Superior" fermenter series supports the expansion of more functional modules. We also customize the HF-Control system interface according to the different project plans and software functions. This will further improve the quality of human-computer interaction and create a "intelligent lab" experience for users.
Our fermentation control system, with its operation, intelligent system, safety level and a series of advantages, will provide a new laboratory management experience for researchers in microbial culture, fermentation, bioreactors and other fields, and the "Superior" series of fermenters will be the "east wind" on the road of your scientific research and production!

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