Lab fermenter sealing upgrade to crack the industry problem!

In daily production and experiments, most of the laboratory fermenters used by the user is a traditional mechanical seal, although the sealing is very strong, but there are many problems in the use of the process.

On the one hand, a large amount of foam is generated during the fermentation process, and the mechanical seal cannot effectively prevent the foam from penetrating into the sealing area, making cleaning difficult. On the other hand, the replacement cost of mechanical seals is high and requires specialized personnel for maintenance and replacement. It not only brings unnecessary trouble and cost to users, but also may cause unpredictable risk to the production process.

In order to solve these problems, the HOLVES R&D team explored the innovative technology in depth through discussions and test work, and finally realized the breakthrough of H-NW® 3D sealing.

The H-NW® 3D sealing technology is a multi-layer seal that is installed at the top of the tank to form a seamless seal. This seal has multiple advantages over traditional mechanical seals.
  • Can be cleaned thoroughly
Laboratory fermenters with H-NW® 3D technology have no complex mechanical structures inside the mixing system, which greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning and improves the efficiency and convenience of cleaning.
  • Lower cost
HOLVES laboratory fermenters do not require frequent seal replacement, reducing workload and costs. The user only needs to check the seal condition periodically and replace them as needed.
  • Avoiding bacterial contamination
Traditional mechanical seals easily accumulate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can adversely affect the fermentation process. Laboratory fermenters with H-NW® 3D seals are less susceptible to bacterial growth and are better able to maintain the purity and quality of the fermentation.


Behind this technological innovation, we rely on the team's ongoing technical accumulation and innovative spirit. In order to create a truly "superior" laboratory fermenter, we start from the details, through continuous optimization and upgrading, to provide users with more advanced and more reliable experimental equipment and solutions.

Let's take you to understand the birth of "Superior" lab fermenter together.

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