New product:Pb210 light-exposed bioreactor, invites you to a new journey of scientific research

What tools can be your trusted partners in the laboratory as you pursue the boundaries of science? Today, HOLVES presents its latest creation, the Pb210 light-exposed bioreactor. The Pb210 is a light-exposed bioreactor for the cultivation of photosynthetic bacteria and algae, specially designed for laboratory users.

When you use Pb210 for the first time, it's like opening the prelude to the mystery of life, and a wonderful conversation about light and life begins ......
A smart friend to help research accelerate
Pb210 adopts HOLVES HB-Control intelligent automation control system. The system not only simplifies the complexity of equipment operation, but also ensures the stability and reliability of the experimental process by automatically monitoring and adjusting key parameters such as pH, DO, temperature, light, and stirring speed. It also significantly reduces the intensity of operation for researchers, allowing you to focus on the experiment itself. The intuitive human-computer interface allows you to easily grasp the dynamics of the experiment and quickly respond to changes, improving the efficiency of the experiment.
HB-Control control system
Precise control of light sources
The Pb210 series light-exposed bioreactors adopt a unique closed light source design, which perfectly integrates the glass tank into the metal housing. sixteen encircling light bands are evenly distributed, which not only ensures the uniform projection of light, but also minimizes the interference from the outside world. In such an environment, photosynthesizing bacteria and algae cultures can get close to natural lighting conditions, thus ensuring the accuracy and consistency of experimental results.

Personalized customization
Different biological samples have different needs for light, the Pb210 light-exposed bioreactor allows users to customize the color of the light source according to their experimental needs, and the design of the easily removable light strip also ensures the replacement and maintenance of the light source.

light strip
Technology shield, solid protection
Pb210 is equipped with Siemens SIMATIC-1200 series high-end processor, as well as domestic and foreign selected imported accessories to ensure the high performance and reliability of the equipment. Built-in HOLVES unique module, experimental data traceability tracking protection, three-level authority management, effectively prevent data leakage. With the analysis software HW-Analysis V1.0, your research is more at ease.
Every research is full of joy of discovery and sparks of wisdom. HOLVES invites you to experience the power of the Pb210 light-exposed bioreactor and looks forward to your valuable feedback, leave a comment and tell us, how do you think the role of Pb210 in your research? How will it help you achieve your research goals?

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