New member of the HOLVES Automation Series——K2TFF-Lab

New member of the HOLVES Automation Series——K2TFF-Lab
Since the 1860s, the industrial revolution has changed manufacturing from purely manual to mechanized. And now in the twenty-first century, we are entering a new technological revolution with the rise of digitalization of industrial equipment, which takes us to the stage of intelligence.
HOLVES has been thinking about the user's needs and improving the experimental efficiency and product quality through the continuous upgrading of the equipment. As the new year has come, we are officially and honored to introduce our latest innovation, the Automatic Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System K2TFF-Lab, which will bring you new experience and excellent performance.

Learn about K2TFF-Lab

As a versatile desktop automated ultrafiltration system, K2TFF-Lab is not only suitable for all kinds of processes such as purification, clarification, and concentration in the downstream process of biologics, but also saves a lot of time and resources with its fully automated design, which realizes the automation of data and procedures.
Automatic Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System

About K2TFF-Lab

01/Excellent piping design

The K2TFF-Lab's piping has been carefully optimized and designed by HOLVES engineers to achieve smaller circulation and retention volumes.This means more efficient operation and faster processing speeds, allowing for higher sample concentrations and greatly enhancing user productivity.

02/Automatic TMP control to aid experimentation

K2TFF-Lab is equipped with HOLVES' self-developed K2-Control V1.0 control software, which realizes fully automated control. Not only can the parameters be monitored and controlled online, but they can also be displayed as intuitive curves.
K2-Control V1.0
One of the most important key factors in UF, TMP, this new product is also designed with automatic TMP control, which can achieve CC/CV mode to reduce membrane fouling.

03/High system compatibility, suitable for multi-level requirements

The system is compatible with both hollow fiber and cartridge membranes.It allows the separation process to be efficient and low shear, reduces membrane fouling, maximizes yield, and also allows for a wider range of applications, making your work smoother and more efficient.
 Hollow fiber and box-type flat membrane

04/Easy to operate with human-computer interaction design

Good interaction design is for intuitive user experience, so that the user does not need to think and operate steps too much while using the equipment.K2TFF-Lab has an intuitive P&ID display and operation interface, powerful recipe settings, allowing you to personalize the configuration according to the actual situation, to achieve automatic concentration and dialysis, preset concentration, filter washing and other process procedures.


05/Modular design and high scalability

K2TFF-Lab adopts an advanced modular design, which can be flexibly expanded according to your needs. It can be expanded with new function modules such as pH, UV, conductivity detection, etc., which provides you with more possibilities.
The launch of K2TFF-Lab means another breakthrough and innovation in the field of UF by HOLVES. We have always been guided by the goal of providing the best quality products to our users, challenging ourselves and pursuing excellence. Its appearance will bring you a refreshing feeling and inject new vitality into your work.
In the new year, we will continue to work hard and innovate to bring you more high-quality products and services. Thank you for your support and trust in HOLVES. We look forward to working together with you to create a better future!

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