The story behind the birth of the products

Do you know HOLVES? Do you know how to turn ideas into technology?If your impression of us is still only on the cold blue logo, today take you to discover a warm HOLVES.
With the development of science and technology, the biological industry has also crossed into the wave of localization.As one of the few manufacturers in China who can produce and develop bioreactors, our philosophy has always been one of development and innovation.

Today we take you to reveal the story behind the Eu series products.
The story behind the birth of the bioreactor
From its foundation until today, HOLVES has produced machines and equipment based on the most authentic voices of the market. The first step in action is market research.As a bridge between the company and the customer, all sales has to do is to give full feedback to the company on the market and the customer's needs.After talking with new and old customers and distributors, we got a more complete market research result. What we do after that is to design and develop.
Bioreactor Research and Development
The supervisor of the R&D department said, "At that time, we gave up many plans and tested many parts before the final product was made."
Team member H also said that "the process is hard and tiring, but the results are worth it for us!"

The birth of Eu210 was a complicated process.
First of all, the appearance follows the usual minimalism of HOLVES, with a strong sense of design.
Secondly, regarding the performance, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the equipment, but also to make Eu210 meet the depth of experimental research and development, it can be said that this product is a flagship bioreaction system.
Bioreactor performance
In order to solve the problems encountered by users in the experiment, HOLVES has achieved three major thoughtful design.
1. High-end configuration: powerful SIMATIC-1200 high-end processor is used internally and imported high-precision flip-top pump is used externally to protect the stability of the experiment;
Advanced configuration of bioreactors
2. Highly expandable: with a deep adaptation system, users can choose relevant accessories by themselves to meet the needs of different industries and working conditions;
Bioreactor scalable components

3. Excellent interactivity: support multi-platform manipulation, data is displayed in one click using graphics and tables, real-time control of data changes;
Interface for bioreactor operation
Only when we have a deeper understanding, we can understand the difficulty of the birth of each product. Without the repeated communication and demonstration of the preliminary research, we cannot meet the real needs of the market users; without the persistent attempts and efforts of the R&D team, we cannot make "may" become "can". The sharpening of hardened steel is only for the perfect presentation at the end.

For the future changes in market demand, HOLVES will put the needs of users in the first place, with practical action to create more good products! 37 ℃ is the meaning of the most comfortable temperature, that is, to give users the best sense of use of the product to meet user needs. Let's wait and see!

Here is the Holves brand website, Providing different types of industry information, technical knowledge, and solutions, we have developed and produced several new laboratory fermenter, bioreactor, tangential flow filtration system and other equipment to meet your needs from experimental to industrial production.

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