Pb210 Series Light-exposed Bioreactor

Light Cultivation, Closed Light Source

Pb210 series light-exposed bioreactor supports a variety of parameters such as pH, DO, temperature, light, stirring speed, gas flow and so on.The vessel has 4 built-in baffles to ensure the mixing effect during the cultivation process and effectively reduce the foam. The vessel is also equipped with a glass jacket for temperature control, giving full play to the sensitivity and stability of temperature regulation under the premise of ensuring light culture.

Pb210 series light-exposed bioreactor adopts closed light design, the glass tank can be embedded in the metal shell, the inner side of the metal shell around the distribution of 16 light strips, on the one hand, to ensure the light projection effect, on the other hand, to avoid the environmental factors for the impact of light culture. The equipment can be customized according to the user's own needs for light color, fully meet the light source requirements of different experiments.n addition, the equipment adopts the design of easily removable light strip, which ensures that the light source can be switched and the convenience of maintenance.

Light-exposed Bioreactor

Pb210 Series Light-exposed Bioreactor


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