HF-AS Series Stainless Steel Fermenters

Automatic Series, Customizable

The new HF-AS automatic series stainless steel fermenters meet your needs for pilot scale-up and small-scale production. Different tank capacities from 10L to 2000L are available for flexible response to all kinds of small-scale production. The vessels are made by domestic special certified manufacturers to ensure reliable quality.

The HF-AS automatic series fermenters are equipped with a series of powerful functions that make the operation more convenient and efficient. Automatic sterilization technology is standard to ensure the hygiene and safety of the fermentation process. The standard configuration of automatic tank pressure and lid lifting function eliminates the need for complex manual operation and further improves production efficiency. At the same time, the integrated tank bottom valve design allows users to eliminate the possibility of bacterial contamination of the material, safer and more stable product quality.

series stainless steel fermenters

HF-AS Series Stainless Steel Fermenters


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