Su310 Series Fermenter

Smart, Precision Machining, Easy Operation

Su310 series laboratory stainless steel fermenter is a special series specially developed by HOLVES for laboratory users on the basis of the original HF-S standard series fermenter.

This series of adhering to the "SMART -- exquisite, intelligent" design soul, and the development of a suitable for laboratory use, small footprint, flexible operation, and can meet the majority of laboratory fermentation application scenarios of the standard equipment. To realize the characteristics of small, SMART, engineers make many bold attempt in the overall design and application, containing the tank cover finishing design, introduced the breath filter offer package to the pharmaceutical industry, to absorb and accept Holves ultrafiltration health type design of small pipe line, eventually to be able to present the design concept of "SMART".

Su310 series adopts modular design, the main road is made of hose, which can realize the routine function and automatic sterilization function of fermenter. At the same time, the operation is simple, comparable to the use experience of laboratory glass fermenter. Su310 series is suitable for the use of laboratory pilot scale, the overall matching can choose: 10L, 30L and 50L, and can accept other specifications of the vessel. For laboratory stainless steel fermenter, Su310 series is undoubtedly an excellent choice of similar competitive products in the current market.

stainless steel fermenter

Su310 Series Fermenter


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