How to clean stainless steel fermenter

How to clean stainless steel fermenter

The Importance of Stainless Steel Fermenters
Stainless steel fermenter is very common equipment in the production, its use can ensure the quality of the product and production efficiency, and aseptic environment.The cleaning of stainless steel fermenter is very important, it is related to the quality of the product and production efficiency. If the cleaning is not perfect, it will have an impact on product quality, but also make the production efficiency decline. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning of stainless steel fermenter.
How to clean stainless steel fermenter
1. When cleaning the stainless steel fermenter, you can use brushes or bristle brushes to clean, so as to avoid foam residue on the surface of the stainless steel fermenter.
2. It is important to use a professional cleaner for cleaning so that the stainless steel fermenter can be better protected. Be sure to pay attention not to use acidic cleaning agents, otherwise it will corrode the inner wall of the stainless steel fermenter, which will lead to rust spots on the inner wall.
3. After rinsing the stainless steel fermenter with water, it needs to be dried in time to ensure its dryness.
4. If there are more stains, you can use a small piece of rag with some diluted cleaning agent to wipe the surface of the stainless steel fermenter, which can remove the stains.
5. If a small amount of stain remains after cleaning, you can clean it with a neutral cleaner.
6. Regular cleaning of your stainless steel fermenter will reduce the buildup of dust, which may build up inside your stainless steel fermenter and in turn create bacteria if it is not cleaned.
7. Regular sanitizing of the stainless steel fermenter will ensure a hygienic environment for the stainless steel fermenter.
Laboratory stainless steel fermenter

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