Difference between conical and round fermenter vessels

Difference between conical and round fermenter vessels

Difference between conical and round fermenter vessels
1. Conical vessels have conical walls, while round cylindrical vessels have a rounded wall.
2. There are different requirements for the mixing intensity and mixing speed of materials, and the conical vessel is stricter than the cylindrical one in the control of mixing speed.
3. They are also different in operation control, because in the fermentation process will produce gas, if not timely discharged from the vessel, it is easy to cause the fermentation liquid splash, so the tank should be equipped with exhaust holes.

Functional characteristics of conical fermenter
1. The tank is airtight, aseptic, corrosion-resistant, made of all stainless steel, hygienic and clean, and can be used for biological culture with high nutritional requirements.
2. Fermenter vessel  adopts automatic feeding, full automatic control.
3. High mixing power, smooth rotation speed, energy saving and environmental protection
4. The upper part of the vessel is equipped with exhaust holes and gas-liquid separator, which can remove the air bubbles in the fermentation liquid to avoid foam overflow and affect the product quality.
5. The lower part of the vessel is equipped with a stirring shaft sealing device and a water sealing valve device, which can effectively prevent the material from contaminating the environment and the water inside the vessel from evaporating.
6. The upper part of the vessel is equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve device, safe and reliable.

Structural characteristics of conical fermenter
1. Conical vessel fermenter consists of stirring system, heating system, cooling and drainage system.
2. The vessel is made of stainless steel, and the overall strength of the equipment is high and corrosion-resistant.
3. The equipment is easy to operate, mixing evenly, so that the material can be fully mixed, and improve productivity.
4. It can be designed according to different process requirements for a variety of specifications of the container, and can be modified to meet different process requirements.
5. The equipment is equipped with safety valves and pressure relief devices to prevent overpressurization of the vessel.
6. The vessel can be adjusted to any height and tilting angle according to the process needs.

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