How to choose a right fermenter

How to choose a rightfermenter
A fermenter is a piece of equipment that processes solid state fermentation. The choice of fermenter is of great importance in the whole fermentation process, which determines the quality of the final product.
1. The choice of fermenter should first be based on the characteristics and uses of the fermented products. Stainless steel, mostly used in beverage fermentation equipment, is the most commonly used material for fermenters because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
2. The main function of a fermenter is to do fermentation. After determining the fermentation unit, we also have to analyze its performance, such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc. We have to choose the right fermenter according to the heat generated during the fermentation process to ensure that it can operate normally.
3. After determining the fermenter, it should also take into account whether there is a good sealing performance to avoid air leakage or affect the product quality.
4. After considering the cost and other factors, the right capacity is also selected according to the output of the product.
5. After selecting a suitable fermenter, attention must also be paid to its ability to withstand the pressures and temperatures generated during normal operation.
6. The fermentation vessel used should be sterilized to avoid secondary contamination.
7. After choosing a suitable fermenter,it should also be managed and maintained on a daily basis, such as regular cleaning of the equipment to ensure its normal operation.
8. The equipment should be checked regularly for problems such as malfunction or the presence of defects to ensure that it can operate properly.
9. Professional technical training and safety training should be conducted for the operators used to ensure that the operators can master the appropriate operating skills.
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