How to use the glass fermenter?

How to use and maintain glass fermenter?

The glass fermenter is a vessel used in the fermentation industry. It is usually used for fermentation and sterilization, such as alcohol fermentation, wine making, sugar fermentation, biochemical reactions, etc. Nowadays, more and more people are using glass fermenters for biological experiments. It is also known as a "bioreactor". Its function is to promote the growth of bacteria by decomposing and producing organic compounds under anaerobic conditions. Since glass fermenters have the advantages of good sealing performance, fast heat transfer, and easy operation, more and more people are using glass fermenters in their production. But how to use and maintain glass fermenters properly?
Maintenance of fermenter
1. Check the liquid level and the operation of the mixing system frequently to prevent dry burning and water leakage.
2. Regularly check the drain valve for leaks.
3. Do not discharge liquids under pressure into the tank to prevent bursting.
4. Choose the right volume size according to the work requirements to avoid bursting of the tank due to excessive load.
5. Regular cleaning: must be thoroughly cleaned after each use and rinsed with flowing hot water at least three times to avoid various chemical residues and dirt retention.
Precautions for using glass fermenter
1. Glass fermenter can not be used to immerse strong acids, strong alkalis, organic solvents or other chemicals to prevent corrosion and damage to the glass fermenter.
2. Glass fermenter can not be used at too high a temperature, otherwise it will cause its bursting or damage.
3. Do not touch the wall of the vessel with your hands to prevent burns.
4. Do not use corrosive liquid to clean the vessel. After cleaning, it must be dried with a clean cloth. Can not be painted on the surface of the fermenter to avoid corrosion.
5. During use, the liquid will evaporate into the air as the temperature rises. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to emptying the condensate in the fermenter frequently to prevent the condensate and air from mixing and causing an explosion.
6. When the fermenter reaches the set temperature, the knob of the stirrer must be turned to the maximum position. If the stirrer is manually controlled, it must be screwed to the minimum position, otherwise the stirrer may be damaged.
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