Notes on stainless steel fermenters

Notes on stainless steel fermenters

Stainless steel fermenter is a common equipment in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, it is widely used in fermentation, food processing and other industries.
Applications of stainless steel fermenter
In practice, there are many types and models of fermenters, but stainless steel fermenter is a special kind of fermentation equipment. It is mainly used for strain cultivation, fermentation, finished product storage and other purposes.
Notes on stainless steel fermenter
As the volume capacity of stainless steel fermenters are much larger than laboratory glass fermenters, so in order to the smooth conduct of the experiment and the safety of the operator, before using stainless steel fermenter for fermentation experiments, you need to carefully check the following:
1. The bottom of the vessel should be kept flat and no cracks and sand holes and other defects.
2. All connecting surfaces of the vessel should be sealed to prevent dirt and water from entering the vessel.
3. Stainless steel fermenter must not have any leakage during the use.
4. It is strictly forbidden to put non-special tools or debris into the vessel to operate.
5. It is strictly forbidden to knock and collide with the vessel to avoid damage to the vessel and accessories.
6. Before using the stainless steel fermenter, be sure to pay attention to temperature control, to ensure that the temperature inside the vessel to achieve the best state, to prevent the temperature is too high and lead to damage to the stainless steel fermenter. If the requirements are not met, the water should be heated or cooled to the appropriate temperature before use.
7. Before using the stainless steel fermenter, it must be checked first, and if the stainless steel fermenter parts are found to be loose or damaged, they should be replaced or repaired in time.
8. In the process of operation, if any abnormalities are found to occur, the power should be cut off immediately and stop using. Please immediately notify the professional maintenance personnel for overhaul or replacement.
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