How to maintain the fermenter valve?

How to maintain the fermenter valve?

With the development process of biotechnology, fermenters are becoming more and more important. The fermenter valve is an integral part of the fermenter equipment and is a key part of the equipment.

Maintenance precautions for fermenter valves
1. Sealing surface: Check the sealing surface for cracks, scars and other problems.
2. Surface: check whether the surface of the valve body is broken, if there is damage should be repaired in time.
3. Packing: check whether the packing is pressed, if there is loose application of raw materials to adjust to the pressure.
4. Lubrication system: check whether the lubricant is normal, if it is not normal, it should be added or replaced in time.
5. Check whether the drainage system is in good condition, and if there is any blockage, it should be unblocked in time.
6. Gasket: Check if the gasket is flat, if there is unevenness it should be adjusted or replaced in time.
7. O-ring on the valve is complete and firmly installed, if not firmly should be replaced in a timely manner.

Routine maintenance of fermenter valves
(1) Check once a month.
(2) In the process of use, check the parts for damage or looseness, if abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with in time.
(3) It should be checked frequently to keep it clean, find problems and deal with them in time.
(4) Check frequently and deal with abnormalities in time to ensure the safe operation of fermentation equipment.
(5) Pay attention to control the speed of feeding and discharging, to prevent the material from flowing out from the feeding port due to too fast speed and causing damage to the equipment.
(6) Pay attention to control the pressure to prevent damage to the equipment caused by excessive pressure.

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