Why the inner shaft of fermenter should not be lubricated?

Why can't we add lubricant to the inner shaft of the fermenter?

Many users in the process of using fermentation tanks, will find some problems: fermentation tanks in the process of working the inner shaft will often make an abnormal sound, and in serious cases, the inner shaft will even bite the situation.When this happens suddenly, people will think that the inner shaft or bearing may be damaged, and then they will take some measures: such as oiling, changing the bearing, etc.. In fact, this approach is wrong.
Why can't we add lubricant to the inner shaft of the fermenter?
During the operation of the fermenter, since the fermenter and other equipment are working by pressure, there is a layer of seal between the bush and the shaft to play a protective role during the operation of the equipment to avoid direct contact between the material, the fermenter and other equipment and the inner shaft. However, if lubricant is added between the inner sleeve and the shaft, the following problems will occur:
1. Damage to the bearing
If the inner shaft is lubricated, it will increase the contact area between the bearing and the bush, thus increasing the friction on the bearing, which will lead to damage on the bearing surface.
When abnormal sounds are found in the inner shaft of the fermenter, you can check whether the equipment is installed correctly, whether the seals are intact, and other issues.
2. Pollution
As there is a seal between the bush and the shaft, if it is not cleaned up in time, grease will be formed inside, and these grease will easily corrode the seal, and even cause the seal to age. Over time, it will affect the service life of the equipment and fermentation effect. If not cleaned up in time, it will also pollute the environment.
How to solve the problem of inner shaft of fermenter
1. Regularly check the lubricating oil between the bush and the shaft in the fermenter, if it decreases, we should replenish the oil in time.
2. If the problem still occurs after replacing the new bearing The fermenter needs to be disassembled for inspection.
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