The importance of fermenter for dairy product

The importance of fermenter for dairy product

During dairy production, fermentation is a very important part of the process. And fermenter is one of the equipment needed to complete this process. Fermenter can be used to produce yogurt, cheese, cream and other kinds of dairy products.
The importance of fermenter for dairy product
Why is the fermenter so important? First, it can provide a comfortable environment for microorganisms to reproduce and metabolize. Secondly, it is effective in controlling temperature, humidity and aeration. Finally, its hermeticity also prevents outside contaminants from entering the product.
Advantages of fermenter in the dairy product
1. Improve product quality
By controlling the fermentation time and temperature, microorganisms can be made to fully multiply and metabolize. It increases the yield while ensuring product quality.
2. Increase production efficiency
The fermenter can be controlled by automatic operation, saving manpower and thus improving production efficiency.
3. Reduce production costs
Manpower costs can be reduced by using fermenter without manual involvement.Also, the loss of raw materials can be reduced by optimizing the fermentation conditions.
4. Ensure the health and safety of product
The fermenter has good sealing, which can prevent the product inside the tank from being contaminated by miscellaneous bacteria, thus ensuring the hygiene and safety of the product.
In short, the use of fermenters in the dairy industry is very necessary. It can not only improve product quality and production efficiency, but also reduce production costs and ensure product hygiene and safety. Therefore, it is very important to choose a fermenter that suits your needs in the dairy industry.


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