How to solve some problems of fermenters

How to solve some problems of fermenter

Fermenters will encounter some malfunction problems in daily life due to operation or damage. This article takes you to know the causes of some common failures and how to solve them.
Common problems and causes of fermenters
1. Temperature control failure: the fermentation process needs to be carried out within a certain range, if the temperature control system is out of control, it may affect the normal conduct of fermentation. Temperature control failure may be due to temperature sensor or lead damage, or the temperature table may be damage.
2. After the valve is closed, the pressure is abnormal: the flange screw of the vessel cover is not tightened, the seal is damaged, the pipeline joint or valve leakage, etc. will make the vessel pressure abnormal and cannot be maintained.
3. Leakage problem: Tight environmental control is needed in fermentation, if oxygen enters the tank, it will lead to fermentation imbalance; liquid or air leakage inside the vessel will also affect fermentation. Intake or leakage may be a sealing problem.
4. The temperature rise is too slow during sterilization: it may be due to low steam pressure in the fermenter and insufficient air supply.
5. pH display abnormal: pH electrode blocked or damaged.
6. DO display abnormal: DO electrode membrane damage.
7. DO value is too low: insufficient air inlet in the vessel; filter blockage; valve leakage in the pipeline.
How to solve the problem of fermenter
1. Temperature control: check the sensors and instruments, and replace any problems in time.
2. Tank pressure & leakage: tighten the fastening screws, and tighten the same; check the seal of the fermenter, if damaged, replace in time; tighten the nut.
3. The temperature rise is too slow: check whether the electric heating tube or other heating parts of the fermenter are burned out.
4. pH display abnormal: check pH electrode, clean it or replace it.
5. DO display abnormal: replace DO electrode membrane.
6. DO value is too low: if the air inlet is not enough to open the valve to increase the air supply; check the filter, if necessary, replace the filter element; check whether the valve is tightened.
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