What are the basic knowledge of laboratory stainless steel fermenter?

Stainless steel fermenter can be equipped with controllers with different performance. General controllers can complete the basic functions we need, such as parameter input and display devices, which are used to input various parameters for controlling fermentation conditions and display the temperature of the vessel culture liquid and the measured value of dissolved oxygen during fermentation.

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The electrode calibration device of stainless steel fermenter is used to calibrate pH electrode, DO electrode, etc. The acid and base pumps are used to add acid liquor or alkali liquor to the fermenter to adjust the pH value. The defoaming pump is used to add defoamer to the fermenter to eliminate excessive foam generated during fermentation. In case of wrong operation during fermentation, the red alarm light in the fermenter control software will light up.

When cleaning the lab stainless steel fermenter, please use a soft brush to scrub, and do not use a hard tool to scratch, so as to avoid damaging the surface of the fermenter. Supporting instruments shall be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use. Electric appliances, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited from direct contact with water and steam to prevent moisture. When the stainless steel fermenter is out of service, it shall be cleaned in time, and the residual water in the fermenter and all pipes shall be drained to prevent corrosion.

If the fermenter is not used for the time being, empty tank sterilization is required, and the residual water in the tank and each pipe is drained, otherwise the equipment may be damaged. During the cooling process of stainless steel fermenter after empty tank sterilization and real tank sterilization, negative pressure in the fermenter is strictly prohibited to avoid pollution. During each operation, the pressure in the air pipe must be kept higher than the tank pressure of the fermenter, otherwise the liquid in the fermenter will flow back into the filter, blocking the filter element or making the filter invalid.

The electrode connecting wires of laboratory stainless steel fermenter shall be connected and installed with pH and temperature electrodes respectively. Before sterilization, check whether all interfaces and pipelines are normal and whether all valves are fully closed. At least two people are required to be present during the sterilization of stainless steel fermenter. One person is responsible for operating the valve, and the other person is responsible for observing and reporting various parameters. After confirming that all valves are closed, open the water inlet valve of the steam generator, start the steam generator, start the automatic water inlet, and close the drain valve after removing the rust as far as possible.
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Su310 Series laboratory stainless steel fermenter

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