Application of spray drying technology in traditional Chinese medicine:Spray technology is used in Chinese medicine widely.The traditional drying method of the traditional Chinese medicine extract is dry in an oven, which is long in time, which is obtained in the form of block-shaped immersion paste, which has poor flowability and is very easy to absorb moisture, and some of the traditional Chinese medicines can also be deteriorated.It can put the Chinese medicine diluent dry to dry granule by spray drying,suitable adding supplementary material, can greatly improve the liquidity and stability of the extract powder,and the concentration of liquid medicine in traditional Chinese medicine processing, multi-effect enrichment, granulation, drying steps 4 to l, greatly simplified and shortened the traditional Chinese medicine extract to the semi-finished or finished products process and time, improves the production efficiency and product quality.It can promote that microencapsulation of the active ingredient of the traditional Chinese medicine to improve the bioavailability, the stability of the quality and the reduction of irritation and toxic side effect.

Spray dryer for pharmacy

Spray dryer for pharmacy

Spray drying technology has been used in the use of traditional Chinese medicine lip cream(astragalus polysaccharides extract, stone leaching, the effect of, etc.), Chinese medicine granule (the three vital qi kang particles, heat cough stop particles, educational ning god particle, etc.) and traditional Chinese medicine capsules(Yangyin Sheng Jin capsule and Huayu Tongmai Capsule , desilting capsule, etc.)..

Application of spray technology in western medicine: microencapsulation technology is mainly used in western medicine to prepare the slow-release microcapsules, which can improve the therapeutic effect and reduce side effects. For example, amoxicillin, ambroxol hydrochloride, acetaminophen, acetazolamide, adriamycin, nifedipine, cimetidine, amytal, etc. Using the spray drying method to prepare acetaminophen sustained-release microspheres, the particle size distribution of the microspheres was uniform, and the appearance was round and spherical, with obvious slow release effect. In addition, the drug resin sustained release microspheres were prepared by spray drying method, and the biodegradable polymer-coated chemotherapy drugs, such as the most effective chemotherapeutic agent for brain tumors, carmosteine, can improve the stability of the drug through spray drying, minimize the toxic side effects of drugs, and improve the bioavailability of drugs.

The spray technique is used in protein polypeptide drugs: protein, peptides, such as insulin, and drug, which are generally low in bioavailability, short in vivo biological half-life and poor stability, and these disadvantages make them limited in the treatment of certain diseases. And by spraying drying technology, the stability of the drug can be improved and the dosage of the drug can be reduced.

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