Lab Spray Dryer

Lab Spray Dryer

•American imported nozzle •Taiwan original imported fan •Siemens original imported PLC •Schneider and Siemens electrical •Quick-speed dismantling design •Visual touch screen operation



Lab Spray Dryer

The lab spray dryer is mainly applied to the production of microparticle powder in the laboratories of universities, research institutes and food, medicine and chemical enterprises.This lab spray dryer is widely applicable to all solutions such as emulsion and suspensio .


Lab spray dryer advantages

          • Spray is finer and more stable
          • Adopt draught fan and cloth bag filter for environmentally friendly
          • Filling the gap of 3kg spray drying equipment in the wide market



Original imported atomizer

          • Double fluid atomizerfor efficient spray
          • Automatic needle to remove blockages
          • Precise  spraying control system



Excellent patent design 

          • Delicate Modular structure design
          • Great Integrated structure hot air distributor
          • Quick dismantling design



HS-Control 1.0 intelligent Control system

          • Control cabinet adopts HSSP standard spraying process
          • 7 inch color advanced resistive touch screen
          • Data recording, curve analysis, alarm and overload protection






active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug delivery, vaccines, inhalable drugs, taste masking


encapsulation of additives, controlled release, nutraceuticals, functional foods, flavors, vitamins, proteins, probiotic bacteria, juice concentrate, milk powder


Nano technology, catalysts, fuel cells, batteries, accumulators, ceramics, UV absorbers, pigments and coatings


Encapsulation of additives, flavors, vitamins, proteins, probiotic bacteria, controlled release


wide range of applications in academic education:Full range of spray dryingapplications


Cell, bacteria and protein encapsulation, cell transplantation, biotransformation, cosmetics, fragrances, environmental applications



NO. Project Parameters
1 Model H-Spray lab
2 Maximum  evaporation 3000ml/h
3 Peristaltic pump 0~3000ml/h
4 Inlet air temperature 30~300℃ ±1℃
5 Outlet air temperature 30~120℃  ±1℃
6 Temperature sensor PT-100 ; PID Control
7 Atomization system American imported two-fluid spray nozzle
8 Induced draft fan 1.5KW/AC220V;Delta frequency converter;Imported fan
9 Electric heater 5.0KW/AC380V ; Special stainless steel
10 Control system Schneider electrical standard production;Siemens PLC control system;Imported 7 inches color touch screen
11 Software system Proprietary intellectual HS-Control 1.0 visual touch operation
12 Quick dismantling design Thermometer ; Air line ; Power supply
13 Voltage/Power AC380V/50Hz/6.5KW
14 Size(L*W*H) 713mm×713mm×1700mm
15 Weight 80kg

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