Parallel Fermenter La230

Parallel Fermenter La230

•Multi-level linkage system •Innovative Visual Experience •Advanced Mixing System •Derived from German Design •Easy to Use and Extensible •Unique HFS-Control software



Parallel Fermenter La230

The La230 series of glass fermenter is a powerful series of multi-fermenter specially developed for laboratory research users. It can provide laboratory parallel research for the amplification of laboratory fermentation culture from shaker-fermentation tank, provide process parameter exploration, Greatly reduce the time cost of laboratory users in the experimental phase.


Excellent and refined tank system

          • Precision processing technology, 8mm can lid thickness
          • Quick release to reduce dead corners and bacteria free
          • Adapt to multi-brand monitoring equipment through parts



Advanced mixing system to prevent bacteria in tanks

          • The self-developed coupling realizes quick disassembly
          • 1000 + times stirring balance test to make the stirring stable
          • High-quality mechanical seal eliminates the slightest pollution



Unique HFS-control software

          • Stable, reliable, efficient and fast communication
          • Advanced HFS-Control system with remote control
          • Full monitoring and display, 100% error-free, no delay



Excellent La-M controller design

      • Equipped with 7.0-inch IoT touch screen
      • Built-in intellectual HF-Control control software
      • Smallest volume La-M controller with external expansion



Derived from German core technology

          • Strong corporate philosophy to support excellent products
          • The core R & D team comes from the German fermenter team
          • Comparable to imported fermenter such as NBS and Applinkon




NO. Project 2 cans 4 cans 6 cans 8 cans 10 cans
1 Working Volume 500mL/700mL/1L 500mL/700mL/1L 500mL/700mL/1L 500mL/700mL/1L 500mL/700mL/1L
2 Borosilicate Glass
3 316L Stainless Steel
4 Mechanical Agitation
5 Sterilization in Place
6 Heating Blanket Temperature Control
7 Intake Air Air Air Air Air
8 Temperature R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC
11 Defoaming R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC R+C+P+MC
12 Ventilation MC MC MC MC MC
13 Tank Pressure MC MC MC MC MC
14 DO2 R+C+P R+C+P R+C+P R+C+P R+C+P
15 Feeding MC+P MC+P MC+P MC+P MC+P
16 Touch Screen Console
17 HFS-Control System

R-Detection  C-Automatic Control  P-program control  MC-Manual Control  • Standard Configuration

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