Lab Fermenter La220

Lab Fermenter La220

•Excellent Double Tank System •Innovative Visual Experience •Advanced Mixing System •Derived from German Design •Easy to Use and Extensible



Lab Fermenter La220

Glass fermenter La220 series can realize the fermentation operation of two tanks on the same controller. This is an innovative design, not only small in size, which solves the problem of convenient operation for laboratory users, but also more powerful and user-friendly. It is a standard series of fermentation tanks specially developed for the laboratory stage. Shaker-the enlargement of the fermentation tank, providing process parameters.


Excellent and refined tank system

          •  Double tank design, 8mm can lid thickness
          • Quick release to reduce dead corners and bacteria free
          • Adapt to multi-brand monitoring equipment through parts



Advanced mixing system to prevent bacteria in tanks

          • The self-developed coupling realizes quick disassembly
          • 1000 + times stirring balance test to make the stirring stable
          • High-quality mechanical seal eliminates the slightest pollution



Excellent La-M controller design

      • Equipped with 7.0-inch IoT touch screen
      • Built-in intellectual HF-Control control software
      • Smallest volume La-M controller with external expansion



Derived from German core technology

          • Strong corporate philosophy to support excellent products
          • The core R & D team comes from the German fermenter team
          • Comparable to imported fermenter such as NBS and Applinkon




NO. Project La220-3L La220-5L La220-10L
1 Working Volume 1.2L-2.4L 2L-4L 4L-8L
2 Borosilicate Glass
3 316L Stainless Steel
4 Mechanical Agitation
5 Sterilization in Place
6 Heating Blanket Temperature Control
7 Intake Air Air Air
8 Temperature R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC
9 Stir R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC
10 PH R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC
11 Defoaming R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC R + C + P + MC
12 Ventilation MC MC MC
13 Tank Pressure MC MC MC
14 DO2 R + C + P R + C + P R + C + P
15 Feeding MC + P MC + P MC + P
16 Touch Screen Console
17 HF-Control System

R -Detection  C -Automatic Control  P -program control  MC -Manual Control • Standard Configuration

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