Factory Device Service

Factory Device Service

● Best Design Consulting Service ● Membrane Filtration Equipment ● Factory Devices Reconstruction ● Turnkey Project


About Us

● Focused on  food industry &biopharmaceutical industry.
● Focus on clarification, separation, concentration, protein purification, etc
● Professional development team, factory and perfect after-sales service


Technical Advisory Services  

● Pharmaceutical industry:separation & purification & concentration
● Biological Chemistry:decontamination/concentration/decolorization.
● Food and Beverage Separation,  enrichment of beveragesand alcohols.
●Petroleum metallurgy Membrane recovery of heavy metals


Membrane Separation Equipment Manufacturing 

● Located in Tongzhou District, Beijing with specialized factory building
● Excellent teamwork, efficient output
● Fine work and product quality are always the first


Factory Equipment Renovation

● Factory original membrane filtration  accessories customization service
● Technical upgrading of plant equipment and automation upgrade
● Seamlessly connect the original production process and upgrading


Turnkey Projects 

● Membrane filtration device & spray dryer & fermenter
● GEA China’s first level Partners, providing high-end  services
●  Design consultation, procurement, production, installation and acceptance


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