Ceramic Membrane Filtration Pilot Device

Ceramic Membrane Filtration Pilot Device

●Pilot Membrane Filtration Device ●China No.1 Sales Volum ●Germany Imported Membrane ●MF/UF/NF



Applied in liquid microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration system. Professional technical team provide membrane separation processes and ceramic membrane filtration solution. Holves filtration device for sterile filtration, concentration, clarification and purification.



System Survey

● Microfiltration,ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration
● Separate the material of 1.4 μm -1KD
● Simple and flexible operation and easy cleaning



 Power Unit

● Imported GRUNDFOS pump
● Frequency converting control
● High pressure protection device



Membrane Shell

● PH range:0-14
● Working pressure:<95℃
● Maximum working pressure:<10bar
● Connection type:ANSI flange type connection



Ceramic Membrane Element

● French original imported ceramic membrane
● Membrane type:φ25mm:580/1178mm
● Range:Microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration



Electrical Control Cabinet   

● Temperature, pressure, on-line monitoring of liquid velocity
● Pump frequency conversion , real-time display speed & frequency
● Temperature, pressure preset alarm



Material Standard

● Food grade hose material circulation tank,  AISI 304
● Carbon steel + spray paint, AISI 304
● Pipeline:  Sanitary seamless stainless steel tube
● Valves: Food grade sanitary direct ball valves, diaphragm valves







Process Capacity


Working Pressure


Power Unit

Imported GRUNDFOS pump, pressure 0-25bar adjustable

Membrane Type

French original imported ceramic membrane

Membrane Loading Capacity

37 pieces ceramic membrane element  in parallel

Single Membrane Area


Membrane Length


Burst Pressure


Maximum Working Pressure


Membrane Pore Size

Intercept precision 1.4μm-1KD

Valve/Flow Meter

Health ball valve, rotor flow meter


Material AISI 304, sanitory polishing inside and outside

Heat exchange with stainless steel pipe

Material Circulation Tank

AISI 304, effective volume V=1500L


3.5*2* 2.8 m

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