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Equipment manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing

Equipment Manufacture

(Fermentor,Spray Dryer,Membrane Equipment)

Anhui Holves provi

des manufacturing services for laboratory equipment to production equipment, including Fermentor,Spray Dryer,Membrane Equipment

services such as storage tanks and pipelines, and provides lifelong technical support and after-sales services.



Equipment customization

Equipment customization

Equipment customization

Anhui Holves provides users with the most professional customized biological process equipment, including the design, development and production of fermentation tanks, membrane separation equipment, spray dryers, etc.

We have professional mechanical design engineering, electrical engineers and processes Engineers provide professional services for users.




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Test Lab

Anhui Holves  provides laboratory testing services for users, including testing facilities for fermentation tanks, membrane separation equipment, ceramic membrane separation equipment, spray dryers, and small spray dryers, to provide users with powder testing. Liquid filtration, concentration testing, we have specialized laboratories to provide various physical and chemical tests for powders and liquids, particle size testing, etc.

We also maintain good cooperation with Chinese universities and can also provide users with Chinese universities. Equipment resource testing service.