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The development of Bioreactor was developed with the development of Bioreactor products and fermentation engineering. The oldest Bioreactor can be traced back to winemaking in ancient times. The ancients used clay pots to make wine. The clay pot is the ancient anaerobic Bioreactor. +If starting from the development history of the fermentation industry, the development history of Bioreactor can be divided into four stages:

The first stage: the first stage from before 1900, at this time because the products are only wine and vinegar. So most of them are anaerobic Bioreactor.

The second stage: from 1900 to 1940 is the second stage. At this stage, when yeast, glycerin, citric acid, lactic acid and other products appeared, there was an aerobic Bioreactor.

The third stage: from 1940 to 1970 is the third stage. With the development of the antibiotic industry, Bioreactor have developed rapidly. At this time, the enlargement of the Bioreactor and the development of the Bioreactor have become a major part. The production of Bioreactor has a professional company for serial production. The volume range is divided into three levels. The laboratory scale is 1L to 50L. The scale of the pilot plant is 50L-5000L. The production scale is above 5000L. Among them, 1L to 10L tanks mostly adopt glass tank structure. Multiple units are put together on the experimental platform to run, and a set of reliable experimental results can be obtained quickly for the amplification of the fermentation tank. At that time, the famous international manufacturers were: West German Braun Company (B.Braun); American N.B.S (New_Braunwick+Scientific+Co.Inc). Japan Marubishi Corporation (B.E.Marubishi)

The fourth stage: From 1970 to the present + 1970s, the success of DNA recombination technology marked the birth of modern biotechnology. The development of Bioreactor has also reached a new era. Since the 1990s, the development of animal cell tanks has diversified the production of fermentation tanks, and the control technology of Bioreactor has become more advanced, such as online gas analyzers and online automatic sampling analysis devices. Make the Bioreactor more perfect.

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